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Water recovery methods

Vacuum pumps - Positive-displacement Roots-blower type vacuum pumps are a giant step up in power and capacity and, are advantageous in that they have the additional power to screen and filter the recovered water as it is picked up, thus reducing the need for additional equipment. The higher power also permits multiples of 50 ft hose lengths to the water recovery site.

Engine-driven versions are also independent of possibly limited power supplies required by electrically powered systems. Typical units feature a 5 to 7.5 hp engine driving the blower and are rated at a minimum of 12” mercury suction at 200 cfm air-water flow. Larger capacity 25 and 31 hp units are used by A CleanSlate. Units complete with vacuum berm, screen and filter tank with automatic pump-out, hoses, etc, rated at waste-water recoveries up to 40 gpm, are most appropriate for professional cleaning contractors.

Vacuum berms - These are flexible dams of around 4-6 inches height, which can be arranged to intercept ground water resulting from washing operations. Hooked to a vacuum system, they employ rows of holes at the ground surface to suck up the water which has been corralled by the berm.

The best designs trap and collect every bit of the water flowing against the berm; a dry surface on the lee side of the berm is common. Available in various lengths, these devices are inexpensive, very effective and the most practical method for the professional cleaner.

Portable dams - These are 5-6 inch diameter soft plastic tubes of various lengths (typically 4-5 ft.) which are then filled with a heavy substance, either sand, a mixture of sand and styrofoam pellets, or water, and arranged to block, corral, or deflect running waste water into collection areas.

The weight and flexibility of these plastic tubes form a tight seal against the ground surface, thus controlling runoff. These tools are inexpensive, indispensable and two or more should be on every contractor’s work truck.

Drain covers - These are plastic sheeting arrangements designed to cover storm-drain openings as a precaution against failure of other waste-water collection devices.

Several versions are available. For horizontal openings, a small version of the "wash-mat" can be filled with water; the weight thus seals off the area surrounding the storm-sewer grate. A version containing magnetic material can be used where steel grating is present.

Vacuuming Flat Surface Cleaners - "Closed Loop Cleaning" System is a revolution in environmental compliance and time saving technology. With our new “CLC” systems, pressure wash cleaning and wash water reclamation are done simultaneously.

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