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Commercial cleaning

The appearance of the outside of your business is one of the most significant factors that shape your potential customers' first impressions about how you run your business.

Some popular commercial cleaning projects we do:

  • Bank Drive Thrus
  • Building Washing
  • Concrete Cleaning
  • Convenience Stores
  • Driveways
  • Dumpster Areas
  • Factory and Plant Cleaning
  • Flat Work
  • Gas Stations
  • Graffiti Removal and Control
  • Home Fronts
  • Oil Removal
  • Parking Garages
  • Railroad Equipment Washing
  • Restaurants and Bakeries
  • Schools and Daycares
  • Service Stations
  • Shopping Carts
  • Shopping Malls
  • Sidewalks
  • Store Fronts and Entrances
  • Stucco Cleaning

When you own a Company, it is important that you keep your place of business looking great and in top shape. The appearance you present to your customers when they arrive at your store will set the pace for what they should expect to see once they’re inside. From those first impressions come judgments about the level of service and the overall satisfaction they will receive by doing business with your company. A clean, well-maintained property projects the image of well-maintained business that is operated with pride and care.

That is why pressure washing commercial buildings and especially store fronts, awnings and parking lots has become routine maintenance for almost every major retail store.

Don’t let your competitors get the upper hand because shoppers think the environment their store presents is cleaner and looks more appealing than yours. Show them that your company cares about the way it looks by having A CleanSlate wash away the dirt, grime, gum and other unsightly build-up from your property. Doing this will help ensure shoppers feel welcome from the time they pull into the parking lot until the time they check out.

Looking professional and providing customers with an enjoyable purchasing experience is just a few of the reasons you need to keep your building and surrounding areas clean. Another good reason to reduce repair costs of repainting. By keeping the exterior of your store clean, you won’t have to paint or re-stucco as often since the harmful elements like dirt, dust and other debris are removed before damage occurs. Saving you money while keeping your business looking it best is A CleanSlate’s goal. You will also find that pressure washing regularly will cost less than when you put too much time in between cleanings due to the work being less demanding thus reducing A CleanSlate’s time on the job.

A Clean Slate specializes in pressure cleaning the common areas within commercial developments such as shopping centers, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, medical centers, parking garages, gas stations and casinos. Pressure Washing removes dirt, grease, oil, gum and other unsightly buildup that inheritably arrives at your property via normal day to day traffic. The frequency of cleaning will be determined by the amount of traffic your establishment attracts.

A CleanSlate manages each task with a level of professionalism that we feel is a rarity in our industry. From the first contact to the jobs final completion we make certain our clients are completely satisfied.

A CleanSlate provides our customers with workable, affordable solutions to their environmental compliance issues, protects them from fines and bad publicity.

A CleanSlate uses professional grade environmentally friendly products and waste water recovery systems to keep in compliance with The Clean Water Act and other EPA regulations.

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